About the Center

The idea of ??a project to support business incubators has started as one of the projects that is interested in the training and rehabilitation activities of the economically active youth as a means to the finance market. The project has provided vivid examples in its field of work. It is suitable to be basically with the development of a center for entrepreneurship. The Sudan Center for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship is one of the proposed centers for settling in Sudan University of Science and Technology. To be developed in the future to become a national center for training, finance, consulting and research.

Center Objectives
  • Strategic Objective

    Contribute to the provision of auxiliary services and financing for the self-employment market

  • Center Objectives
    • Training and rehabilitation of economically active people for the self-employment market.
    • Train and rehabilitate workers in self-employment market institutions.
    • Provide professional consultancy for institutions operating in the field of self-employment.
    • Contribute to the scientific research movement to conduct studies and measure the impact of self-employment projects.
The work of the Center
  • An advisory hub to provide technical advice to MFIs and entrepreneurs.
  • Training center at two levels: Employees of the working institutions and the other level Training the beneficiaries of the microfinance center or in their regions (cities - rural)
  • A focal point for microfinance and its role in combating poverty and improving citizens' lives.
  • Supporting students of intermediate and higher studies in Sudanese universities to specialize in microfinance to support the sector with the necessary competencies in the development of local communities
Center Activites
  • Training and rehabilitation (training incubators)

    Training and rehabilitation activities continue to benefit from the experience of the Business Incubator Support Project with the expansion of training and methods. The training is divided into training for mental and practical development.

    • First: Development of intellectual capacities

      Developing mental abilities is an important training process. A person who plans to enter the self-employment market requires that his mental abilities be adjusted, and that he adjusts his way of thinking from a person who is waiting for the job by a government or private operator to an independent person who has the role of operating others. The axes of this type of training include all self-preparation programs (planning - time management - effective communication - entrepreneurship - negotiation - ethics work and other programs). It also includes basic microfinance programs (microfinance concepts - laws and procedures - project selection and preparation of feasibility study - marketing).

    • Second: Capacity and skills development

      These programs are considered as a skilled weapon for those wishing to enter the self-employment market, and may include training in transfer or improvement of skills of professionals and specialists in various fields. Topics include: Engineering in various disciplines - leather industry - textile and clothing industry - computer - animal products industry - women skills - agricultural production - or any other field)

  • Studies and research

    Developing the research activity of university professors and postgraduate students in the field of self-employment in general and in the area of ??microfinance in particular. Development of Microfinance Industry - Measuring Social and Economic Impact - Introducing New Products in the Microfinance Industry - Other Areas

  • Technical Consultancy

    Related to the provision of professional consulting in the field of self-employment of organizations operating in the field, in addition to the clients of microfinance. Consultancy areas in project selection, production, marketing, etc.).

  • Financing and production follow-up (production incubators)

    In cooperation with finance institutions and banks, a finance portfolio is established at the university. The financing process is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations. The product is incubated for one year to sponsor the production and marketing